10 Minutes to a Happier Morning

Y'all. My life has been changed. 

Nah, but really. 

This little 10 min-a-day routine has made my mornings so much easier, peaceful and joy-filled. 

Here it is: a 10 min clean-up before bed. 

10 minutes- you can literally set a timer if you want- to put dishes in the dishwasher, put away any clutter i.e. dog toys, wipe down counter-tops, fold up blankets, and in my house, put any clothes that hubby left on the floor into the hamper. (I choose my battles haha!)

This little routine has made waking up and walking out into our main living space a breath of fresh air! Because if not done, I always end up doing it first thing right when I wake up. And right off the bat, I end up feeling defeated because I didn't do it the night before. Not a great way to start the day!

Now, here's the deal. You won't feel like doing it. Especially if you work 12 hours shifts like me. Just last night, I had worked two days in a row and my tiredness level was at a 9/10. But because I had done this before and knew how it made me feel to have a clean house to wake up to in the morning, it was worth it to spend those 10 minutes tidying up. 

[Isn't that how discipline works with anything? You don't feel like it, but you know if you do it, you'll be thankful you did it? Discipline = freedom. Can I get an amen?!]

So this morning, I woke up by 8:00am and was able to get ready for the day and walk right out of the house knowing it was clean, and come to the local coffee shop to write this blog! Because this is something you have GOT to try! I'm telling you, it will change your life!! 

xoxo, Elyse

PS: I'm curious:
Do you already do something like this? 
Do you have other night time routines you love? 
Share below in the comments!!