A Revelation About Jealousy

I'm curious who you are, you who have chosen to read this post. 

Maybe you came to read it rather sheepishly not wanting to confess you deal with this, or maybe you were like "I need help". I'm more on the sheepish side, but I definitely need help in this area. 

Something I want you to do first though is think of who makes you jealous. Right now. Say their name(s) under your breath or write them down. 

Got it?


Now, let me tell you about last week where I had this revelation. 

I was at camp as a leader within our youth group, and it was time for the worship night.

Now, pause. If you don't know, I am a worship leader. and there is always a moment of comparison when the female worship leader sings where I see if she can sing better than me. (Hard to admit to you but it's real).


This female vocalist could singgg. She was phenomenal. And her husband was a worship leader and crazy awesome guitarist. And they have a band, and t-shirts, and car decals, the works! Pretty much, they are living one of Dustin and I's dreams. 

Cue: jealousy.

I started thinking some nasty thoughts. But I pushed the thoughts aside thinking, "Okay, heart, I'm trying to focus on Jesus."

Fast forward to the next worship time. The same thing happened, But this time I couldn't push it away. 

I literally had to stop worshiping and say "God, I know this heart isn't good and I need your help." 

And you know what the Holy Spirit told me?

"Pray for her success

What, Lord?! What a revelation! To combat my jealousy, pray for the exact thing my jealousy doesn't want to happen.

So right then and there I prayed for their success and the jealousy was gone. I could then see her with new eyes. I was cheering her on. I was now a part of any success she ever got because I helped pray for it.

It changed everything. 

So you still got that name (or names) I asked about earlier? Right now, pray for their success in whatever area you are jealous about. 

I promise you, it will change you. 

xoxo, Elyse