The Story Behind My Praise Report

Y'all ready for a God story?! Here we go...

For the past 3.5 months, I have been working for a home health agency. 

This is because I just wasn't getting contacted by the local hospital even though I had applied to nearly every open position (except ED! I am not a fan of coding people!).
And I had started applying back in JUNE.
June to September with no job.
(Except for subbing here and there at Watauga High School).

So, this agency found my resume on and contacted me saying they were a pediatric home health agency. At this point, I had had no exposure of home health and I didn't really know what to think of it as. 

But they told me they had a day shift client- SCORE!- and it was at the high school 5 minutes from our new house. DOUBLE BONUS!!

Now let me give you a little back story: 

I, at that time, was a nurse with 1.5 years experience on a cardiac telemetry floor, a step down from the ICU with a 30 min commute.
And I had really struggled with my job. (I'll write a blog post on that someday soon).

So when Dustin and I moved back to NC, we agreed that I would not settle.
Meaning, no matter what, I would not drive an hour to Winston Salem or 45 min to Boone while there was a local hospital 15 min away.

We also said that I would not settle for a position that I didn't want (i.e. Med-Surg).

(I think only a nurse can understand just how tired you are after a 12 hour shift in the hospital and then tacking on an HOUR drive on both ends plus giving report?! It would easily become a 15-16 hour day. That is not okay with me.) 

Anyway, because of this, I was being very picky about which jobs I was applying for and therefore probably not getting as many interviews as I could have. But when this agency called, it peaked my interest.

I mean, think about the positives!
Only one patient to care for and chart on.
The hours I would be working were M-F 7:30am-3:30pm.
Super legit. 

But there was an immediate downside.

It was less money than I was making in SC.
You couldn't get PTO until after you worked for the company for a year.
There was no shift differential on nights/weekends. 

And they warned me.
The kid they wanted me to take care of had run off 3 nurses so far. 

That didn't scare me, though.
We needed me to start making some money- #justboughtahouseprobs- so I said I'll do it. 

Here's what they didn't tell me: 

This kid calls out all the time. 

Like, he would just up and not want to go to school. 
And when he didn't go, I didn't get paid. 

(This is also the client that had the dog that attacked me when I went to his house. Anybody remember the purple finger from insta stories?!) 

Long story short, he ended up not needing our services anymore, so this agency had to find me new clients to work with. 

But, I couldn't work with them until I attended trainings and did check offs in the office therefore not getting paid for even longer. 

And when I was finally trained, they couldn't hardly give me a full time schedule.

Enter, GOD. 

While I was going into one of these shifts and feeling zero percent grateful, I remember thinking "Elyse, you need to change your mindset to thankfulness, so just be thankful for what you can be thankful for." 

So I took a deep breath... thought for a second... and said:

"I'm thankful for the gift of life." #hadtostartwiththebasics, haha

Then the next one came a little bit easier:

"I'm thankful for the ability to work."

(Because my previous client was wheelchair bound and had a life expectancy of 25 years, so I have many a reason to be thankful)

But then, something crazy happens.

An hour later, the local hospital calls.
(I hadn't heard from them in MONTHS).

They were asking if I'd be willing to set up an interview!!


Do y'all see this connection?!?! I don't want you to miss it. 

God waited until my heart was in the right place before allowing the hospital to call. 
He knew I needed to be in a place of thankfulness of my current season to be ready for the blessing of the next season. It was as if I had scales taken off my heart and mind to be open to receive the new.


I have the interview the next day, and am offered a choice between TWO jobs that day: telemetry or CCU. 

But God wasn't done showing up.

I had prayed a few days before the interview for God to reveal to me why He had made me wait so long to get into the hospital.
Dustin and I had prophesied, prayed, asked others to pray.
We believed that God would get me in there.
But why so long?!
I wanted to hear what He had to say. 

And during the interview, He answered me. 

While I was talking to the CCU charge nurse, she asked: "How comfortable do you feel with ventilators?" and it was as if I saw the last few months pass before my eyes in an instant.

You see, because of this home health agency, I am super comfortable with ventilators since every single one of my clients has been on one (minus one). But that wouldn't have been the case if I would have interviewed 6 months ago. 

God showed me that flash to say, "I've been preparing you for this moment. This job."

WHAT LORD?!?! (Where's my crying emoji?!) I get emotional even typing this story!

He is SO GOOD. 

But wait, there's MORE.

A week or so later HR calls me to tell me what my salary will be and you guys, it's like more than double what I was making with this agency AND a $6,000 sign on bonus. 

Why is $6,000 significant?! 

Because that is almost the EXACT amount left on Dustin's student loans and one of my big goals was to have our debt paid off by summer. 
Before this job though, I really didn't see how it was going to be possible. 

But GOD.

He sees. 
He knows. 
He really is such a GOOD Father. 

We went from not understanding to fully understanding but it started with obedience in my current season as well as a heart shift of thankfulness. 

Now I am so so pleased to announce that I will be a CCU nurse at Wake Forest Baptist Wilkes hospital.