Toxin Free 2018: Month Two

Hey Toxin Free Fam!

It's Month Two and it is time to focus on the kitchen!

This month we are DITCHING toxic
-hand soap
-dish soap and/or
-dishwasher powder/capsules/pods*


Thieves Hand Soap, Thieves Dish Soap, and Thieves Dishwasher Powder.

Young Living Thieves Hand Soap
Young Living Thieves Dish Soap
Young Living Thieves Dishwasher Powder Nontoxic

*If you don't have a dishwasher, you can grab the 3 pack of hand soap instead and change out the hand soaps in your bathroom(s). 

Just like last month, I want to talk about WHY we are ditching the products we have become so accustomed to using.
Ya know, the ones like Cascade, Palmolive, and Finish for dishwasher detergent/pods and Dawn, Gain, and Ajax for dish soap.

Once again, I did some research on the Environmental Working Group's website and discovered the toxins found in our kitchen cleaning products. Check 'em out:

Cascade Gel Dish Detergent is rated "D" because of ingredients like
Polyacralates (acrylic acid/methacrylic acid)- causes severe burns and eye damage, harmful if swallowed, harmful if inhaled/respiratory and allergic irritation

Can we just pause there?
This stuff says it's harmful if swallowed and yet we clean our dishes with it?!
The stuff we EAT OFF OF?

Y'all, we are swallowing this stuff, even if in tiny amounts.
But those tiny amounts can build up in our bodies cause our bodies don't know how to properly deal with these toxins. 

*Takes deep breath*

Moving on. 

Also in Cascade Gel Detergent is one from last month: ethylene oxide.

Ethylene oxide- may cause genetic defects, known to cause cancer, known to cause reproductive toxicity in males and females, pulmonary edema, central nervous system impairment, asthmagen, skin irritation, eye corrosion/eye irritation, 

as well as others:

1,4 Dioxane- causes cancer, liver damage, 
Butyl alcohol- harmful if swallowed (yet ranked as "Generally Regarded As Safe" by the FDA?!), may cause drowsiness/dizziness, respiratory irritation, eye damage, 
Zinc sulfate- eye damage, skin burns, 
Fragrance- skin sensitization, skin allergies, respiratory symptoms/allergies
as well as many other ingredients EWG doesn't yet have research on. 

That's just one of the products.
And that doesn't even include the harmful effects to the environment/aquatic life. 

To spare you a long blog post, I encourage you to click on the links above and look at the ingredients yourself. 
Or type in "Environmental Working Group ________" (insert whatever cleaner you use) into google and see what you find. 

But here's something I need you to hear.
You may feel bad after googling these things. Like, how could I have not known?
And maybe you might feel the overwhelm of "how am I gonna do this?"

But listen close: You have the power to control what comes into your house. 

Those emotions...
Those thoughts...

I have felt the shame and the overwhelm.
If I was going to get toxin-free, I needed an easy, budget friendly, one-stop-shop to buy toxin-free products for my family.
And that is why I created Toxin Free 2018: to help families prevent cancer and disease.
Including my own. 

And to live life the way God intended.

"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers." 3 John 2

So ditch that hand soap, dish soap and dish detergent.
Grab the Thieves products and know that every time you do dishes in the kitchen, you are helping your body stay well instead of the opposite. 

And stay tuned for next month when we focus on the bathroom, specifically bath/shower time!!