photos by Casey Leigh Essentials/Vibrant Essentials


I didn't always care about holistic health/toxin free living.

It was only when I was in college and STILL had acne that something had to change.

I ended up going to a facial that literally changed my life. I share more of that in a blogpost here and on a podcast here.

But, in short, I cut out dairy, my acne was GONE and something clicked

What we put ON and IN our bodies affects our health.


I took that concept and asked myself:

WHAT IF I could get rid of my headaches?

Now after a 5 year journey, I can say that I am completely HEADACHE FREE (except for the occasional lack-of-sleep headache).

While I can’t say for sure what made my headaches go away, I have slowly introduced different lifestyle changes over the past
5 years that when done all together have allowed me to go MONTHS without a headache.

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